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„I Am Proud of the Work of My Parents“ Project 2015

On 2nd of November dozen children took the main office of TechnoLogica within the initiative "I am proud with the work of my parents', held in the software company for the third consecutive year. Because of the event, TechnoLogica welcomed 28 kids aged 7 to 13 years, full of enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. The initiative seeks through specially designed programs and games to reveal the children's creative side of work and demystify money as a value.

During the event, to TechnoLogica’s young guests were introduced professions like: programmer, engineer, accountant, specialist in geographic information systems, system administrator and consultant on implementation of software for human resources management. The kids saw programmed Lego robots and youths participated in talk about labor and money, during which TechnoLogica’s CEO, Ognyan Trayanov, explained them why the work of their parents is important and explain how trade and money occurred.

"When I work alone, I can only do the job, as one person. If I decide to make path, I will not be able to move the heaviest stones that show up on my way, so my path will be with lots of curves. But people will not like my meandering path and will choose somebody else’s, that will be straight. So when we want to do something big, we create teams to help each other. The most important is to do things qualitatively, to make it useful for people and to bring you satisfaction, "explained Mr. Trayanov.

As part of their long and filled with excitements day, all children experienced the magic of 3D printer and saw how products are designed with 3D software. The kids had a chance to see some demonstrations in physics, and representatives of the group of the youths, had roles as experts in human resources management and took several interviews with job candidates. At the end of the day all of the children visited the workplace of their parents. Every year, as part of the project, there is drawing contest, essay, story or presentation. This time the theme of the contest is "How technology can change the world."

Today the construction of an adequate system of values is not only a result of family and school environment, but also care of business, because parents are more involved with the companies in which they work. Sustainability of the program leads to its natural expansion and upgrade. This year the final part will be "Bazaar of professions", open to all parents and their kids.

"I am proud with the work of my parents" is a program of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact and its aim is to be annual and to cover the businesses across the country. This fall, over 600 children were guests of 21 companies from 19 cities and all of the young guests had the chance to learn 115 professions from more than 15 sectors of the economy. Media partners of the project are Bulgarian National Television, Bulgaria on Air, Radio Family, purvite 7 magazine, Investor.bg, Computerworld, b2b media, CSR Bulgaria, HealthyNews Media.

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